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Semi-finished products

Machinaal planten van handveredelingen en slapende ogen in het voorjaarSemi-finished products are budded or grafted rootstocks (bench grafted or dormant buds). The fruit grower or tree nursery can grow a tree from a semi-finished product. We use NAKTuinbouw certified rootstocks and budding or scion wood from Propagation Nurseries The Netherlands for our semi-finished products.
Fruit tree nursery van Montfort creates both the bench grafts and the dormant buds at its own production location in Bergeijk. The favourable growing conditions, soil type and qualified personnel benefit the quality and growth of the semi-finished products and the quality of the fruit trees grown from them.

Fruit tree nursery van Montfort supplies semi-finished products of all common varieties on M.9, M.9-fl56 or another rootstock. Please ask about the possibilities.